I’m Lucy Baxter, and I run Punk & Thunder Art Agency.


I spent my entire career of over 20 years working for some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, buying print, photography and illustration for the TV, press and print campaigns of numerous blue-chip clients. There I began my love of art, particularly contemporary British art.


This love was cemented when my brother, Barney, and I went to a pop-up street art exhibition on the Charing Cross Road in the ‘90s. It was filled with work by D-Face, Banksy and Eine amongst others. Barney and I walked around with our eyes popping out, and I just fell in love with it all. 


I started collecting art at the same time. I continue to collect, focussing mainly on contemporary limited edition print work, and always only because I absolutely love the work and I want to look at it every day. I never buy work solely because I think it may be an investment, but always because I can’t walk away from it knowing I might not see it again. 


I’ve used the same ethos in building this business. I love the work I’m representing, and I believe in the artists behind it. I’m excited to build a business that’s fair, honest, good fun, and constantly promoting great art.  


I’m representing established and emerging street, urban, typographical, folk, photographic, abstract, collage, contemporary, and brilliant artists. 


If you look at this site and find just one piece of work that makes you feel something, then I’ll be a very happy woman.